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Bakery and Market Menu


Dressing Choices:
Balsamic Vinaigrette | Italian | Caesar | Apple Vinaigrette | Pomegranate Vinaigrette | Olive Oil and Vinegar | Asian Sesame | Low-Fat Italian | Chili Vinaigrette | Low-Fat Ranch

Village Greek Salad

Vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, barrel aged feta cheese and Kalamata olives served with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar sprinkled with oregano (does not come with lettuce).

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce tossed in a Tuscan Caesar dressing with a house made croutons and aged Parmesan cheese.

Smoked Salmon

Baby arugula, smoked salmon, goat cheese, avocado, capers, grape tomatoes and red onions served with lemon juice and oil.

Asian Bowl

Baby spinach and mixed baby greens Chinese noodles, carrots, edamame, red and green peppers, mandarin oranges and grape tomatoes served with an Asian sesame dressing and crispy wontons.

Spinach Salad

Fresh baby spinach, strawberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds, tomatoes and goat cheese served with pomegranate vinaigrette.

Blackberry Salad

Baby arugula, grilled chicken, red onions, goat cheese, pistachios & berries, served with a blackberry vinaigrette

House Salad

Mixed baby greens and romaine lettuce, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red onions with your choice of dressing.

The Italiano

Mixed baby greens and romaine lettuce, imported ham, sliced soppressata, provolone and parmesan cheese, Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions served with Italian dressing.

Beet Salad

Sliced beets, goat cheese, candied walnuts served over mixed baby greens and arugula served with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Quinoa Southwest Salad

Quinoa, chicken, black beans, corn, avocado, red onions, grape tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese served with mild chili vinaigrette.

Pear & Gorgonzola

Mixed baby greens and baby spinach, sliced pears, grilled chicken, candied walnuts, cranberries, Gorgonzola cheese, red onions and tomatoes served with apple vinaigrette.

Hot Drinks


Single  | Double | Triple

Cafe Latte

Single | Double | Triple


Single | Double | Triple

Regular Coffee

Small | Medium | Large

Mighty Leaf Tea

Small | Medium | Large

Chai Latte

Small | Medium | Large

White Hot Chocolate

Small | Medium | Large

Bullet Proof Coffee


Single | Double | Triple

Cafe Mocha

Single | Double | Triple


Single | Double | Triple

Coffee Au Lait

Small | Medium | Large

Chai Tea

Small | Medium | Large

Hot Chocolate

Small | Medium | Large

Greek Coffee

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee

Small | Large

Iced Mocha

Small | Large

Iced Greek Coffee


Small | Large

Cafe Freddo

Small | Large

Mocha Cafe Freddo

Small | Large

Mocha & Caramel Cafe Freddo

Small | Large

Iced Latte

Small | Large

Iced Chai Latte

Small | Large

Iced Tea

Small | Large

Arnold Palmer

Small | Large

Vanilla Cafe Freddo

Small | Large

Caramel Cafe Freddo

Small | Large

Pumpkin Spice Cafe Freddo

Small | Large


Green Energizer

Kale, green apple, cucumber and celery.

Hangover Helper

Apple, cucumber, kale, ginger, lemon, aloe vera juice and a dash of Himalayan sea salt.

Carrot Juice

100% carrot juice.

Carrot Sunrise

Carrot, apple, lemon and fresh ginger

Immunity Rocket

Beet, celery, parsley, apple and ginger.

Fruit Smoothies

Berry Blast

Bluerberries, strawberries, bananas & almond milk

Small| Large

Pina Colada

Coconut milk, pineapple, honey, shredded coconut & banana

Small| Large

Apple Dates & Cinnamon

Bananas, spiced apples, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, milk, almond milk & medjool dates

Small| Large

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, pineapple, mango & apple juice

Killer Kale

Kale, almond milk, almond butter, hemp seeds & banana

Small| Large

Spinach & Flax

Spinach, apple juice, avocado, red apple & flax seeds

Small| Large


Rolled oats, Greek yogurt, blueberiies, maple syrup, almond milk and vanilla bean

Small| Large


Banana, soy milk, almond butter, carrote pumpkin blend, pumpkin spice and agave syrup

Small| Large

Green Mojito

Orange juice, spinach. lemon, lime, mint, pineapple & banana

Small| Large

Chocolate Kale

Almond Milkm kale, coco nibs, flax seeds & banana

Small| Large

Spinach & Pear

Apple juice, lemon, ginger, spinach, flax seeds, Bosc pear & honey

Small| Large

Grilled Cheeses

Served with tomato bisque shooter.

Basic Grilled Cheese

American and cheddar cheese on peasant bread.

Mozzarella Stick

Sliced aged provolone cheese, sliced mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and oven roasted tomatoes on peasant bread coated with Italian dressing and panko breadcrumbs then sauteed to a golden brown.


Baked ham, soppressata salami, mortadella, and aged provolone cheese with roasted tomato, garlic, olive oil, capers and artichoke hearts grilled on ciabatta.

The Granny

Caramelized granny Smith apples, triple cream Brie and baby greens grilled on a cinnamon brioche applebread with balsamic hazelnut vinaigrette.

Baked Ham

Triple cream Brie, caramelized pears, Dijon apricot spread and baby arugula on multigrain bread.

Monte Cristo

Baked ham, turkey breast and emmentaler cheese and brioche bread with an egg batter topped with cranberry pecan maple syrup.

Prosciutto and Figs

Fig cream cheese, goat cheese, prosciutto de parma and arugula drizzled with a balsamic glaze served on peasant bread.

Pear and Prosciutto

Prosciutto di Parma, fontina cheese and Bosc pears grilled on ciabatta bread.


Slow roasted marinated pork, imported ham, Swiss cheese, bread and butter pickles, mustard grilled on crispy bread.

The Greek

Baby spinach, roasted tomatoes, dill havarti, barrel aged feta cheese and kalamata olive tapenade on peasant bread.

Triple Threat

Thinly sliced corned beef, pastrami, brisket, Swiss cheese and coleslaw grilled on marble rye.

Spicy Chicken Melt

Grilled chicken, avocado, applewood bacon and jalapeno jack cheddar cheese on peasant bread.

The Vegetarian

Hummus, roasted tomatoes, artichokes, olive tapenade, baby spinach and vegan cheese on multigrain bread.

Turkey Cheddar

Roasted turkey breast, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, Vermont cheddar cheese and fresh baby spinach.

Figs and Honey

Dried figs, honey infused ricotta cheese chopped toasted walnuts, triple cream Brie on multigrain bread sprinkled with truffle salt and honey.

Smoked Salmon

Whole grain mustard, roasted red pepper, arugula, cream cheese and dill havarti grilled on marble rye.

Mushroom Melt

A medley of exotic mushrooms, sauteed in garlic, thyme, and white wine, caramelized onions and fontina cheese grilled on ciabatta bread drizzled with truffle oil.

Philly Cheesesteak

Shaved grilled steak, caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms & American cheese on grilled ciabatta bread.


Plain, Sesame, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin Or Asiago

Bagel With Cream Cheese

Bagel With Peanut Butter

Bagel With Lox, Cream Cheese, Capers and Red Onions

Breakfast Sandwiches

Two Fried Eggs

With your choice of cheese.

Steak & Eggs Sandwich

NY strip steak, 2 fried eggs, caramelized onions, American cheese & sriracha mayo on your choice of bagel


Extra Egg

Roasted Red Peppers

Applewood Bacon

Baked Ham

Beef Brisket

Egg Whites


Turkey Sausage

Canadian Bacon

Home Fries

Yogurt Parfaits

Honey Infused Greek Yogurt

Layered with fresh fruit and house made granola.


White Fish Platter

Smoked white fish, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, onions, capers, fresh tomatoes, cream cheese & your choice of bagel

Avocado Toast

Smashed avocado on ciabatta bread. With olive oil, fresh tomatoes & 2 fried eggs

Breakfast Burrito

2 fried eggs, pepper jack cheese, applewood bacon, corn & black bean salsa

Quinoa Farmer Bowl

Red & white or ganic quinoa, sweet potato, roasted veggies, Longhini chicken sausage drizzled with sriracha lime ranch & crispy tortilla chips

Acai Bowls

The Traditional

Acai berry blended with fresh bananas with your choice of whole, skim, soy, almond or coconut milk.

The Sweet

Acai berry blended with fresh bananas and apple juice.

The Creamy

Acai berry blended with fresh bananas and Greek yogurt.

Dragon Fruit Bowl

Dragon fruit, coconut water, pineapple & mango blended together, then topped with fresh fruit, chia seeds & coconut shreds

Sweet Crepes

Plain Jane

Sweet butter and confectionary sugar.

The Nutella

Hazelnut chocolate spread.

Dulce De Leche

Fresh bananas, dulce de leche caramel.

The Turtle

Melted chocolate, caramel sauce and toasted walnuts.

The Cheesy Crepe

Ricotta and mascarpone cheese, roasted pistachios, chocolate chips drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce.

The Figgy

Sweet butter, fig preserves, toasted walnuts drizzled with honey.

The Classic

Sweet butter, lemon curd, sugar and honey.


Marshmallow cream, melted chocolate and Graham cracker crumble.

Berry Crepe

Honey infused Greek yogurt with fresh berries drizzled with raspberry sauce drizzled with honey.

The Elvis

Peanut butter, fresh bananas and chocolate sauce

Apple Pie

Cinnamon baked apples, triple cream Brie, sliced almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon drizzled with caramel sauce.

Savory Crepes

Spinach Pie

Fresh baby spinach sauteed in olive oil & garlic, roasted tomatoes, dill havarti and barrel aged feta cheese.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, capers and fresh baby spinach.


Applewood smoked bacon, roasted tomatoes, fresh baby spinach, Vermont cheddar and truffle aoli.

Ham & Brie

Serrano ham and triple cream Brie topped with mixed greens drizzled with a balsamic glaze.